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Houston Urgent Care Clinic

Big weekend here……..swim meet (shocking huh?), Dallas Cowboy football game and one sick kid. At least it is only one of three, right? I was working in the meet management room on the computers, when one of our own coaches walked in with an “ailment.” She shared what the symptoms were and all the moms in the room in unison said “GET TO A DOCTOR.” Well, quite naturally this conversation was taking place on a Sunday morning and this coach is really young – therefore insurance is lacking a bit. She totally had it though – it seems some doctors have no respect for your time, emergency room fees are WAY TOO expensive, and really, she hasn’t been here long enough to develop a relationship with a doctor yet. And what was my advice? Go to an Houston urgent care clinic. Have you ever been to one?

Houston urgent care clinics are popping up on every corner. Most of these clinics have GREAT doctors and tons to offer you including Houston family doctors through a family practice, well woman exams, even acne treatment for Houston. It’s absolutely amazing.

Doctors Clinic in Houston (another client of mine). They have a Houston Chiropractic offering for thoseĀ  in need as well as offering Houston flu shots. Walk ins are accepted and you can even schedule EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT online. This is why I sent our coach to this Houston Urgent Care Clinic. They accept major insurances, have great payment plans (should you go in for something “invovled”), and have low costs (all on line) and you don’t have to have a referral.

Waiting times are good to great and their are multiple doctors on staff at each of the six Houston Urgent Care Clinics. These are great for “urgent” to mild emergency situations, immunizations, flu shots – if you need it, they probably offer it. Check it out – this Urgent Care Clinic in Houston (well, all 6 of them) are little gems in hiding!!!!

And our coach – she’s good now!

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