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Industrial Explosions

Oh my – listening to the news on Channel 2 in Houston right now. This latest Industrial Explosion has occurred at the American Acrylics plant in Baytown, TX on Port Road and Hwy 146. It evidently rocked the entire area – people in Clear Lake are calling in right now. That must have been some blast. The smoke is DARK BLACK and thick. Clear Creek ISD has ordered schools to shelter in place (sounds like the hurricane again) and that includes White, Bay, Stewart, Robinson,and Mossman elementaries. Listening again……..the list must include 10-12 elementaries now. People – be careful. Seabrook residents have been asked to stay indoors until more information can be disseminated.

Hopefully no one is hurt in this industrial explosion. I have to check my notes but I think Valero just had an industrial accident this week, maybe last. No one needs this right now. It’s supposed to be a festive time of the year……… is slow to come out. More information later.

The thing that scares me is that these plants are so close together – how hard is it for fire to move from one to another – anyone?

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