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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Losing Things?

Don’t you hate mailing that box in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays and get home only to realize you forgotĀ  to put something in the box? Just had to send an email to my sister in law stating that I left part of my nephew’s Christmas present in the “to wrap” pile……….stinks. He’s only 3 so he won’t know the difference, but it makes me mad because I bought it early enough (like 2 weeks ago). I was actually organized on that note – ha! Wish I managed a website someone that could handle things like this. Like a personal shopper or something of the sorts.

Weather’s great – boys out front playing football. It’s the BEST noise in the world. Not football (that’s awfully good), just the kids’ non-stressed laughter! Gotta run – just wanted to stop for a moment.

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO

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