the raggedy mom

Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?


Merry Christmas from me to you! Hope you and yours are having a great day – remember the reason for the season! It’s clear and sunny here – a bit cool for my test, but no snow and ice, so for that I’m grateful.

Does your house look like a bomb went off in it? Oh my ………….. looks like the war has moved to MY homefront – ha! Back to cleaning up wrapping paper and little pieces of styro-foam. Wish my buddies/clients at Astro City Scrap Metal took “Christmas Leftovers,” not throwing away any scrap metal, non-ferrous or ferrous. 🙂 Don’t forget to recycle your trees. WMA is coming here on Tuesday be thinking about when you are going to put your tree out. And all those bags of trash – whew – it’s a mess here.

Have a great day y’all!

A bit #raggedy at times, but that's ok, right? Love all things Family, Aggie, AHS Bulldogs & Digital Marketing! #SociallyBizzy #SEOciallyCorrect #Bizopia #TexasSEO