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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Happy New Year!

I think I’m almost caught up with putting away Christmas and welcoming the new year! We had a VERY busy holiday break. My husband had knee surgery, 2 out of 3 kids got sick BEFORE Christmas, and we went to 2 swim meets – JUST WHILE THE KIDS WERE OUT OF SCHOOL.

I managed to get sick right before Christmas and visited a medical clinic in Houston (a family doctor). I have doctors that I’ve been seeing forever, however, this was a Sunday and couldn’t hear a thing. I was quiet pleased with the service. And very recently I received the bill. They direct billed my insurance for $55. I don’t remember the last time that I was billed under $80 for medical services. WOW – impressive! Glad that I have Doctors Clinic of Houston as a client. I probably never would have visited a medical clinic of “strange doctors” if I didn’t know so much about the company.

As I’ve mentioned before, my brain doesn’t shut down sometimes. I woke up Christmas morning and jumped on the computer to see what was happened in the world, and I saw that one of the Houston scrap metal yards had burned to the ground. And I asked myself, what at a scrap metal yard burns? Non-ferrous goods shouldn’t burn,  should it? Again, wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have a scrap metal client.

A site that I’ve just finished is a site for the Larry C Jones Insurance Agency. He has offices in 2 locations – one in Houston and one in Laredo. Quite a drive, huh? I never really realized how many different products that insurance agencies sell. Everything from auto insurance, homeowners insurance, umbrella and liability policies, commercial property insurance, business or directors insurance – even special event insurance. WOW – that’s a ton. We have all of our insurance in one place and it makes life so incredibly easy when you need to make payments, or switch coverage. You need to get to know your agents……….

Swimming is still the main part of our lives outside of work and family. Well, it’s the family that’s doing the swimming. More meets this weekend. Wahoo. Note the sarcasm????

Gotta run……off to run carpools and to try to finish work!

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