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Pants on the Ground

TOO FUNNY. Did you watch American Idol tonight? The 62 year old dude that came on at the end of American Idol tonight was a riot. He sang a song called “Pants on the Ground”….talking about how kids should pull their pants up. “With your hat to the side….” I was laughing SO FREAKIN’ hard. Mary J Blige was laughing so hard she was crying! Immediately we grabbed our phones and twittered………ha! At least SOMEONE other than ME thinks the pants hanging half way down someone’s butt is NOT attractive. We’ll see this guy again, trust me! Check him out on youtube.

You know American Idol is constantly trying to find the next “IT” factor. I’m not sure this guy is the next “it”, but he sure was cute! It was good to laugh that hard at the end of a long, hard day. I drove in circles with carpools or lack there of, and worked on a penguin project with the youngest.

I ended the work day today with a GREAT meeting with Doctors Clinic Houston. This is a well run, well staffed organization. We had sandwiches (that were AWESOME btw from Murphy’s Deli) and moved straight into our website design meeting. Dr. T is great – he’s definitely the marketing mind behind this. As a Houston Chiropractor, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit one of his medical clinics especially to see him. Fun crowd – believe me, in today’s world of “medicine” and “insurance” – who wouldn’t want to go to a “fun” clinic?

I was informed on Medical Facials and Medical Spa Treatments in Houston. I had NO IDEA medical clinics did this kind of thing in Houston. They offer all types of services from Family Medicine for Houston to Employment physicals.

I also learned about DOT drug screens. Did you know that truck drivers have to submit REGULAR drug screens to the DOT (department of transportation). These screens have to be conducted at a facility “registered” with the state. Who knew?

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