the raggedy mom

Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Rain, Rain……..take a break!

We REALLY need the rain – HOWEVER, it either needs to RAIN & Lightning or stop between 3:00pm and 8:00pm. With competitive swimmers – they swim in the rain……unless it’s raining TOO HARD. That normally happens AFTER I’ve left for carpool. Go figure. They swim in the rain, snow, and “other”……..just not lightning. With these crazy pop ups we’ve had lately – rains here, but not there. We drive carpool anyway and then lurk around the pool “just in case.” Also, I hate driving carpool on days when it rains. The kids are slow and so is traffic.

As I’m a work, writing about these other businesses, some can be affected by rain, and some aren’t. The Law Offices of Brian Jensen CAN be affected because of auto accidents. Houston auto accidents are regular occurrences on rainy, stormy days. Mr. Jensen handles different types of personal injury cases that need an attorney for whatever the reason. As I’m sitting here right off Gessner and Beltway 8 South, I can HEAR the screaching tires. No sirens yet, so that’s good. Just remember Houston auto accident lawyer – Brian Jensen. Nice guy.

Back to real work, not fun work………..watching the weather is NOT going to help me, because it will change in about 2 minutes anyway!

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