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Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

Swimming in the Rain

A lot of my friends ask me if the kids swim in the rain. WELL-YES they do! Aren’t they getting wet anyway? Red Cross suggests that you don’t train/swim if it’s rain hard enough to mess the top of the water up enough so keep you from seeing the bottom of the pool. Well, as FCST’s kids will tell you, we swim in the rain regardless.

My babies (U8 swimmers) swam in the snow last year. I was so proud of them. You know in Sugar Land, Texas…it can snow one day and we can literally be in shorts the next day. It’s wild. As a swim coach – it’s a complete headache. New parents are worried about their kiddos swimming in the rain – again – aren’t they going to get cold anyway?

With all the different cultures and family structures around here, I have to come up with so many different ways to say things. That’s what I find challenging about my SEO (search engine optimization) job…’s all a game of semantics. More on this tomorrow.

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