the raggedy mom

Life can be a bit raggedy at times - but that's okay, right?

So how’s your tv?

OK – we’ve been needing a new tv for a long time now. The one we have is a dinosaur – sales contest prize from the early 90’s. We actually bought furniture for the tv. Now it’s the age of flat screen tvs and no more armoires. Even Rachael Ray has done a show on “what to do with your old armoires.” Nice.

So – basically my choice is to buy a new television OR try to have the one we have fixed. The tv now is missing the power button and can only be turned on by the remote which is constantly being hidden by our youngest. It takes a while for the color to brighten up. My luck and this sucker is going to go out on the ONLY Saturday where A&M plays on national television (if that ever happens).

I’m sort of lucky. In the Houston SEO business that I’m in, I get to meet a lot of great businesses. You get to know the owners and movers and shakers of each business. One of these businesses in J&K Electronics. We’ve worked with the owner, Gus, on building a brand new website for Houston’s TV Repair expert. He’s the biggest. Nice guy. Using Bizopia’s Search Engine Optimization strategies, I have to pick the client’s brain on exactly what they offer as services. This is NOT always easy. But it was with J&K Electronics.

I learned about DLP, LCD & Plasma tvs………all of which can be repaired by my tv repair in Houston friends at J&K Electronics. I also learned that my tv has a really bad picture compared to these new televisions. Go figure. So my dilema is, do I give up my beautiful armoire and get a new flat screen from Gus, OR do I buy a flat screen to fit the armoire, OR do I ask J&K Electronics to fix my current set?

What to do?

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