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Back to School – 2017

Grant – Sophomore at FBISD Austin

BTS…Ready or Not!

Well…only one kiddo at home for BACK TO SCHOOL pics this year – and he cooperated. SO APPRECIATIVE. We are expecting a great year at FBISD Austin! Football has started strong and the Bulldogs’ first scrimmage is this Friday vs Foster (Lamar CISD). Looks like he’ll be playing tight end this year for the Bulldogs. He’s wrapped up summer reading for English (Lord of the Flies and The Book of Lost Things) PRIOR to the start of school, so as far as I’m concerned, he’s ahead of the game! Coursework is the “make or break ya” this year for Grant – fingers crossed. He’s ready! Not sure I am, but he sure is! Pray for all our high schoolers. Big decisions looming for college choices, sport choices, and ACADEMICS! Pray that they are given the chance to be KIDS. Plenty of time for adulating later.

Alex & Nash - Fish Camp 2017
Alex & Nash – Fish Camp 2017

Alex starts next week and is in FULL BLOWN “take care of fishes” mode. Another year of FISH CAMP is in the books and I pray that she continues to lead and be there for the freshman. She and Nash (DG Partner) helped get these freshman started off right! The just got back last Friday and they’ve already had one dinner with the Freshman. This is Howdy Week for Texas A&M and they are encouraging the freshmen to get out and learn MORE about the University!


You can see in these FC leaders’ eyes, how EXCITED they are to finally get going. The “L” sign is for CAMP LEWIS. These Aggie juniors were all in Camp Lewis together as freshmen. FUN to see them all together. One of the cool things about this “cult” called Fish Camp…you make life long friends. The time and effort…did I mention TIME? The TIME alone is amazing and this is an unpaid position and these leadership positions are hard to get. THOUSANDS of kids apply. Texas A&M is doing some BIG things, while brain-washing things yes, still they are very important, get you plugged into a great that can help you through the first semester of school (and longer) instead of just dumping you in what seems to be a 3 mile square block or smaller along with 60K of your closet friends….I just don’t see how people think that can work. Fish Camp is a HUGE part of keeping Aggies plugged in while they are at school. The University even added a Fish Camp session for athletes, which is awesome. Most of the time the athletes can’t get off (esp the fall sports) to go. I won’t mention any names, but in the past 2 years, we’ve gone to watch march-in or yell practice with a few athletes that were doing it for the first time. So much fun to watch their faces and say, “OH….I get it now.” Sad, but fun! Pray for these kids, for a great semester!

Chase & Stitch 2017
Chase & Stitch – Disney 2017

Chase is still at Camp Pendleton, working on “birds.” The language … we are learning! These birds sure do “piss” a lot of things. HA! SO BLESSED to have cell phones with video. I can’t imagine him being this far away and NOT being able to talk to him…I have to say, Chase is the best of the 3 about keeping in touch. SO appreciative! Maybe I’ll get a “first day of work” pic when he makes his next move! He gets to Disney every now and then to hang out with his friend, Stitch 🙂 Chase has ALWAYS loved Stitch. Pray for our military. These people, regardless of why they are there, give up a ton of what you and I take for granted, to defend this great Nation. This such a convoluted world that we live in. So selfish. So uninformed. So judgmental. Be nice. Be loyal to your country and its leaders whether you like them or not. Talk about the important stuff that goes on daily, during rants about our leaders. Life is passing some by!

Back to work here….have LOTS on the plate! Bizopia is still crazy-busy, good problems to have. Again, so blessed to have such a great team to work with. Great social media team in the “Social Cave” and the “quiet side” guys (great customer service and web design)…we try to keep things stirred up just to keep them on their toes.

If you need help with your website or online presence, give me a call and we can chat! Hope you and yours are doing FABULOUSLY!

Look…I got a post up on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Extra points for this one! #GoodIntentions

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