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Just Here for the Boos

Well…it looks like this is the first Halloween that none of the kiddos will be home. The Marine is in Cali sporting a USA inspired ZootSuit, the Aggie is at school planning something Blue Mountain State themed (saw the Amazon purchase) and the Tree is headed to a party close to home, but not at home. Can’t WAIT to see what his costume will be. I’m prepared with a few green leaves 🙂

It’s all good! We have AWESOME neighbors to hang with…if I had known things would work out like this, I would have gotten us all shirts that say, “We are all here for the Boos!” We’ll still pop the tent, fire up the fog machine & strobe light, sit at the end of the driveway together, and give out candy! Hope we have some kids this year, last year was very very quiet. The community is just getting older.

Fort Bend Gridiron Football had their 7th Super Bowl yesterday. Can’t believe it’s been seven years already. Wow. What a team we have made up of youth sports aficionados, that assembles every year for this big shin-dig! What a gorgeous day, not a cloud in the sky, as FBISD Mercer Stadium was home to our crew from 9:30a to 8:30p. Long day, but so worth it. Lessons of being champions and lessons in losing played out right before your very eyes. And you know what I decided? Adults can really make or break it. With cheerleaders dealing with not receiving trophies like the football players to parents that just can’t deal with losing, we saw a little bit of it all! And for the most part, everyone handled things pretty good. No serious injuries on the football field, thank goodness. One pretty bad “finger nail” injury. I have never seen that before….nail lifted at the lunula/lower cuticle and stayed attached at the top. The look on that 9-10 years old’s face said it all. GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!

Twelve Baseball 15U’s made a VERY strong showing at the Alief Hastings tournament by Crump Stadium. Great families hanging out on a beautiful day together…..I don’t look forward to those days ending. Keep ’em coming! Not sure where Team Advantage is from, but the CF Eagles (CyFalls) players looked strong.

Our Aggies won big as expected, so we could keep an eye on the game while chatting with friends and neighbors in the back yard. Just fun hanging. Stayed out WAY TOO LATE prior the baseball/super bowl Sunday, but it’s always worth hanging with this crew! It might have gotten a little too “political” but 10 days out….it’s expected with this group!

Gotta get back to work on a MAJOR search engine optimization project. New site. New content. Just new. Thought I’d throw an update up! Hope you get some good BOOS tonight!

~ M.E.L.

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