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Pants on the Ground

TOO FUNNY. Did you watch American Idol tonight? The 62 year old dude that came on at the end of American Idol tonight was a riot. He sang a song called “Pants on the Ground”….talking about how kids should pull their pants up. “With your hat to the side….” I was laughing SO FREAKIN’ hard. […]

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Houston Business Insurance Quotes

With my husbands knee surgery this morning, insurance is on my mind. We all need insurance – but MAN O MAN – it’ expensive. Houston business insurance, health insurance, liability insurance…..car insurance, pet insurance? Just thought I’d throw that one in there – ha! Trying to sift through Houston business insurance quotes is a daunting […]

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Teens and Guns!

Went up into my oldest’s room yesterday…….mistake! The cricket cage stunk BAD b/c of rotten potatoes (long story) and the Chinese Water Dragon needed water – he’s a WATER DRAGON!!!! OH well……It was the guns and gun cases that I was stepping over that hacked me off. It’s not like these guns would do a […]


The Construction Services Business

OK – back to meeting all kinds of people through my job…………………next up. The Construction Business. WOW – I though our company had changed it’s personality through the “projects” that it takes on through the years. I understand companies have to keep their hands in different pots to allow change through the years. Not construction […]